VC View

Seema Mughal (TI)
Greenwich University

Graduation ceremonies are significantly exciting occasions. I am always elevated to see the joy on the faces of our graduates as they come together, proudly wearing their Greenwich University’s regalia. Graduation provides us with an opportunity to recognize your achievements publicly and is, deservedly, a time of great pride for you, your family and the staff who have guided you during your time at the University. I extend my hearty congratulations to all the graduating students, their parents and the faculty.

As part of the ceremony, we bid you to go forth into the community to share the ideals, competencies and a commitment to serving the common good which have been integral to your education at Greenwich University. It is through your demonstration of the ideals embedded in the University Mission that Greenwich University will be known and the wider community greatly enriched. I can foresee the remarkable transformation taking place in the professional horizon of Pakistan where you all will be contributing in your respective fields in raising the standard of our country to newer heights.

Over the course of your program, you have established lifelong friendships and networks. You have also become a valued member of our vibrant Greenwich community. I invite you to continue your relationship with Greenwich to which you have dedicated so much time, hard work and energy. Our Alumni Association is an invaluable resource for you as you embark on your career, with connections across all disciplines in Pakistan and overseas. I urge you to take advantage of and contribute to this extraordinary community of international alumni who all began their professional lives at Greenwich.

As we enter into the fourth decade, Greenwich University is sure to become one of Pakistan’s great universities as it stays true to its mission to advance the human condition through improving the quality of life for all. We are already regarded as an institution with an extraordinary foundation of academic excellence and global impact. And in the coming years, we have enormous potential to build on these strengths and rise to even greater heights of distinction, scholarship and service.

Once again I congratulate you all and wish you all the best for the future.